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Play as a bored kid at your parents' party who just wants to have fun! Earn points by hiding items or using them to play pranks on the unsuspecting adult guests. BUT DON'T GET CAUGHT or face the wrath of your mother (and a week of chores!)  

Created for Weekly Game Jam #142, theme: Mischief

Controls : 

- WASD / Arrow Key To Move

- Space / Left Mouse Click to Act

Seeing by any adult you're running around the house while holding your bobby trap, GAME OVER.

To earn point, you must make sure the adult step your bobby trap.

Credit :

Programming by Chaki
Art (Props) by Lynx
Story and Design by BunnyGirlSenpai
Music/Sound by Barkenergia &  Edward Musician


Mischief Mayhem.zip 26 MB

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